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DC versus Marvel…Decided…

on June 17, 2013

Little Man has weighed in on the highly controversial topic of DC versus Marvel comics.

Here is where he stands:

DC is better than Marvel because DC has Batman and Superman.

Superman is the best superhero because he is the strongest and therefore is the leader of the DC superheroes.

Batman is cool but he lives in a cave. (This results in a loss of points for Batman although he wins some points back for having such a cool Lego Batcave set.)

Marvel cannot be better than DC because Marvel has the Hulk and the Hulk is too violent for little kids.

The Hulk is scary.

Ironman is good, though.

But not as good as Superman and Batman.

Now we all know.

One response to “DC versus Marvel…Decided…

  1. Off to a good start, but Superman is truly the greatest hero because of his compassion and commitment, not his strength.

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